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Stayner Kinsmen Duck Race

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon for the Annual Kinsmen Duck Race at Centennial Park in Stayner.

There was a huge crowd, young and old, enjoying the sunshine and watching the excitement as the ducks made their way down the course.

Congratulations to the Kinsmen and the participants on a great afternoon of racing and making it such a successful fundraising event.

The Stayner Duck Race is an annual event organized by the Stayner Kinsmen. The event typically takes place on the first weekend in May and as you can see from the crowds along the river bank, it has become a popular tradition.

The Stayner Duck Race involves releasing thousands of rubber ducks into the Mad River, which runs through Stayner. The ducks are numbered, and participants can purchase a ticket that corresponds to a specific duck number. The first ducks to cross the finish line win prizes for their corresponding ticket holders.

The Stayner Kinsmen use the funds raised from the event to support various community projects and initiatives, such as local youth programs, community events, and charitable organizations. The event also provides an opportunity for community members to come together and enjoy a fun-filled day by the river.