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St. Elizabeth Health Care

I had the opportunity to accompany Tara Gate, a Registered Nurse with St. Elizabeth Health, on part of her rounds in Wasaga Beach serving clients in their homes. Tara is a consummate professional and provides exceptional care to her clients.

Community-based care is an integral component of Ontario’s healthcare system. Our government’s plan for connected and convenient care puts emphasis on patient-centred service as well as ensuring that individuals receive the right care, in the right place. It was a pleasure to meet with Tara & Kyle today, both dedicated healthcare professions from SE Health. I would also like to extend my thanks to those who welcomed me into their homes today, so I could see our frontline workers in action.

Here I am with Sarah Bird, Regional Director, Tara Gate, and Carrie Pyatt, Personal Support Manager. Kyle Reaburn, Public Affairs, was part of our conversation and took this picture.

SE Health is proud to be one of Canada’s largest social enterprises. Thank you to Tara, Carrie, Sarah and Kyle and the St. Elizabeth Health Team for all they do providing quality care and serving patients in our community.

Learn more about SE Health by clicking here to visit the web site.