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Promotional Items

This is meant to be a “thought starter” as I know we are anxious to order some promotional items right away. My two cents worth … I like the coffee mug – everybody likes a coffee mug! I like the sports drink bottle as we can work this into our ongoing “great outdoors” stories we celebrate throughout the year in the riding. The phone pouch is a winner I think! We are much more active on social media than many others so promoting this could be a cool tie-in to some news stories/photos. Of course, pens and fridge magnets are always popular items. I re-worked the logo so we now have a “tall” and “wide” version to work with, and as you see I can change the colour of the lettering. (a reminder, these are low-resolution web-only graphics!) I included pricing information to help us with budgeting. Prices will be similar no matter where we order merchandise from … I got all of this information from Portage Promo in Huntsville.

Textan Comfort Style
2.80 to as low as 2.45 per unit

Coffee Mug
Bistro Glossy Mug
7.00 to as low as 6.10 per unit

Fridge Magnet
Circle Magnet
500 – 0.95
1000 – 0.55
2500 – 0.45

Sports Bottle
Easy Squeezy Sports Bottle 2402
150 – 3.95
300 – 3.15
500 – 3.05
1000 – 3.00

Silicone Phone Wallet
150 – 1.95
250 – 1.75
500 – 11.60
1000 – 1.50

Flash Drive
4GB – 10.25
8GB – 12.30
16 GB – 12.75
32 GB – 13.90