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Peer Works

I was pleased to meet with members of PeerWorks – Formerly OPDI & Collingwood local, Julian Millman from Simcoe Peer Support, to discuss the importance of the unique mental-health challenges of the post-pandemic environment.

PeerWorks’ mission is to strengthen and promote diverse peer voices in Ontario, through community building, information-sharing, collaboration, advocacy, and education.

“Our members are mental health Consumer/Survivor Initiatives and Peer Support Organizations across Ontario. These organizations are run by and for people with lived experience of a mental health issue or addiction issue. Our members provide a wide range of services and activities within their communities. No two are the same, but all approach their activities from the common understanding that people can and do recover with the proper supports in place, and that peer support is integral to successful recovery. Most of our member organizations work with their local mental health system tables to bring the consumer voice to service planning, evaluation, and coordination, and provide direct informal or formal peer support and self-advocacy support to individuals.”

PeerWorks website