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Ontario Providing New Tools to Municipalities to Build More Homes Sooner

The Ontario government has assigned housing targets to 21 additional municipalities as part of its plan to build at least 1.5 million homes by 2031. Once these municipalities, through their heads of council, have pledged to achieve their targets, they will have access to the new Building Faster Fund, which will reward municipalities that are on track to meet their housing targets.

–Building Faster Fund–

The three-year, $1.2 billion fund will provide up to $400 million per year to municipalities that have committed in writing to achieve their overall 2031 housing target. Ten per cent of the overall funding will be reserved for small, rural and northern communities that have not yet been assigned a housing target by the province to support unique needs and circumstances.

For municipalities with targets, each municipality’s portion of the $400 million annually will be determined based on their share of the greater provincial housing supply goal, as well as their performance compared to their annual assigned targets. For example, if a municipality’s target represents 10 per cent of the province-wide target, that municipality will be eligible for 10 per cent of funding through the Building Faster Fund.

–Expanding Strong Mayor Powers–

Municipalities with targets would also be given strong mayor powers if their head of council has committed to meeting these targets, in writing, by October 15, 2023. These municipalities would then receive strong mayor powers by October 31, 2023 and would be eligible for the Building Faster Fund.

There are now 50 municipalities with assigned municipal housing targets in Ontario:


Premier Ford speaking to a packed crowd of municipal leaders at the start of the 2023 AMO Conference in London Ontario.

The Premier spoke about our Government’s plans to build 1.5 million much needed new homes in Ontario to combat the housing crisis. Canada is ranked last of the G7 countries for the number of homes per 1,000 residents. We need to take action now for the sustainability and viability of communities across Ontario.