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South Georgian Bay Ontario Health Team

VIDEO: Simcoe-Grey MPP Brian Saunderson recently met with the senior management group of the South Georgian Bay Ontario Health Team to learn more about how the organization continues to grow to streamline the system to better meet the needs of local residents.

Simcoe-Grey MPP Brian Saunderson in conversation with Dr. Harry O’Halloran

MPP Saunderson said the meeting provided him with an excellent opportunity to hear from board members Dr. Harry O’Halloran, Trish Rawn and Sarah Grace Bebenek about the important developments happening now and planned for the future with the South Georgian Bay Ontario Health Team. He said the team has taken its place at the forefront of Health Care locally and province-wide.

The South Georgian Bay Ontario Health Team (SGB OHT) is a partnership network of health and social service community organizations in South Georgian Bay that work together to improve health and social care for the people of South Georgian Bay. They are comprised of eleven anchor partners and a strong network of supporting community organizations. SGB OHT members collaborate with patients, families, caregivers, and the community to co-design the best possible care for our region.

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Board members all said the objective is to make the delivery of services better and more seamless. In other words, the goal is to make it much easier for family members and patients to navigate through the medical system when the need arises.

Dr. O’Halloran said keeping the lines of communication wide open are critical in achieving the goal of delivering services better. “It is important to engage the public as well as stakeholders. We also do have a great communication tool in broad based medical resources that are easily accessible to all of the different providers in the region” he added.

Dr. O’Halloran and Trish Rawn are Co-Chairs of the South Georgian Bay Ontario Health Team. Rawn is also Executive Director of Campbell House – Hospice Georgian Triangle. Rawn echoed Dr. O’Halloran’s comments that providing family members with easy access to medical care where and when they need it is a top priority.

Sarah Grace Bebenek, South Georgian Bay Ontario Health Team Project Manager, with Trish Rawn, Executive Director Hospice Georgian Triangle/Campbell House

Sarah Grace Bebenek is the South Georgian Bay Ontario Health Team Project Manager. “The South Georgian Bay Ontario Health Team has been established in the region for the past few years, and through the course of those years we have been able to implement and execute many different projects to really help to serve the needs of our local population” she said.

One major project, available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, to assist family members and patients, is the Health Team’s informative web site. “You’ll find everything from resources on how to advocate for yourself in the health system and to find the most appropriate services that you need.”

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