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Northern Ontario Justice Centre

I had the honour to accompany Minister Doug Downey & Greg Rickford to announce the opening of the Kenora Justice Centre. Led by partnering local indigenous groups, the first-ever Northern Ontario Justice Centre will focus on both criminal & restorative justice.

On Monday February 6th, the Ontario government, in collaboration with Indigenous leaders, the Ontario Court of Justice and community partners, launched the opening of the Kenora Justice Centre.

Designed with and for the Kenora community, the innovative Centre will hold individuals accountable for their offences, while providing community-led supports through health care, education, housing and other social-service providers. Wrap-around programs will be delivered by specialized teams that include Indigenous-led organizations, and mental health and addictions counsellors.

“In many Ontario communities, we see a revolving door of repeat offenders struggling with poverty, mental health issues, addictions, lack of secure housing and unemployment,” said Attorney General Doug Downey. “The Kenora Justice Centre will offer community supports to address these challenges, hold individuals accountable, reduce the likelihood of future contact with the justice system, and help victims and communities heal from the effects of crime.”

Programs and services at the Kenora Justice Centre will also focus on addressing the root causes of crime, while supporting healing and growth for at-risk youth and young adults. The Centre will also work with local community partners and Elders to provide Indigenous-led support programs and services to help individuals heal from trauma.