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MEDATech Collingwood Visit

MEDATech in Collingwood has been designing and building custom mobile heavy equipment since 2003 for world-wide use in the mining, construction, waste, transportation, and energy sectors.

“We started in the Mining sector in 2003 and have since expanded into Construction, Waste, Transportation, and Energy. We’re known as the ‘engineering ninjas’ of the heavy equipment world, building custom machines for the likes of Vale, Torex and HydroOne.”

The company has three divisions; Engineering services – from consulting to engineer/design/build to industrial software development, Borterra – advanced drilling equipment and Altdrive – all-electric powertrains.

I recently toured MEDAtech in Collingwood to meet with company officials to learn more about ALTDRIVE.

Darren Mueller, Medatech Director of Sales and Marketing with Simcoe-Grey MPP Brian Saunderson

I met with Taylor Davies, MEDAtech’s Sales Engineer, Darren Mueller, Director of Sales and Marketing, and Nic Beutler from ABB Switzerland.  On my tour I learned ALTDRIVE is an engineered battery-electric powered system that is capable of powering heavy equipment including commercial trucks, tractors, excavators, buses, haul trucks, light rail, and mining machines.  The technology is designed to replace internal combustion engines without surrendering performance.

Taylor Davies – Medatech Sales Engineer with Nic Beutler from ABB Switzerland

The MEDATech web site outlines how the Collingwood company has been perfecting the ALTDRIVE battery-electric powertrain for more than a decade.

“As battery-electric and associated technology evolves, our builds and performance metrics keep getting better. The advent of ultra-fast charging, a MEDATech/ABB collaboration, for example, means that industrial machines can work around the clock with very little interruption.” 

The vehicle pulls up to the automated charging station to quickly and easily begin the charging process
The charging process is simple and straight forward, meaning these heavy-duty trucks can be ready to go in short order
Nic Beutler of ABB explains how the battery charging system operates

High-power vehicles need high-power infrastructure, with a strong focus on safety. ABB offers future-proof integrated charger and grid connection solutions that reduce installation costs while meeting the highest safety standards.

Simcoe-Grey MPP Brian Saunderson not only had a one-on-one session with the manufacturers, but he also got to test drive this heavy vehicle.

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