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Growing Skilled Trades Workforce

A growing rise in demand to fill vacant skilled trades positions continues to trouble employers throughout the province. It is not just a problem that is happening somewhere else. The lack of skilled trade workers is evident right here.
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Expanding High Speed Internet Service

Many Simcoe-Grey residents will benefit from the recent news from the Federal and Provincial levels of Government announcing a combined investment of $54 million to bring high-speed internet access to more than 20,000 homes in 83 communities across Ontario.
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Technology and Skilled Trades in the Schools

Turn on the television, radio, podcast, or read a news article on any platform and almost daily, you will learn more about the province’s shortage of skilled trades workers with questions about what is being done to correct the situation.

Simcoe-Grey MPP Brian Saunderson is hearing about the labour shortage too as he visits manufacturers, large and small, throughout Simcoe-Grey.
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