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Impossible Metals

It was my pleasure to meet Jason Gillham and the team of @ImpossMetals in Collingwood on Thursday April 13th.

Impossible Metals builds underwater robotics vehicles built to collect battery metals from the seabed without harming the environment. As stated on the company website, Impossible Metals (YC W22) has a mission to deliver responsible seabed mining and refining of critical battery metals, enabling the world’s transition to sustainable energy. As stressed by Gillham, their work is to be carried out while protecting the seafloor ecosystem. 

Canadian Director and Chief Technical Officer of Impossible Metals Jason Gillham with Simcoe-Grey MPP Brian Saunderson
Jason Gillham conducted a detailed tour of the Collingwood facility
Julie Makar and Zac Waite provided an overview as to how underwater robotics vehicles operate
The team at work!
Becky Oehler with MPP Brian Saunderson

During the early Covid pandemic, Jason Gillham relocated his family to Collingwood from Waterloo where he had studied engineering and opened his first company. Upon moving home, he started the South Georgian Bay Innovation and Technology Accelerator, and initiated the robotics development of Impossible Metals. 

To date, Gillham has recruited 19 staff, only two of which had previously lived in Collingwood/Southern Georgian Bay (five work remotely elsewhere in Ontario, and attend on site in Collingwood one week a month), and the others have relocated locally. The company is growing quickly. Gillham said Impossible Metals will soon host an international contingent to promote the product and to share its roadmap of what they state is the best available technology for deep sea mining.

Learn more. CLICK HERE to visit Impossible Metals website.