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Honda Canada Alliston Manufactured its 10 Millionth Vehicle

VIDEO: Honda Canada hit a massive milestone recently when it manufactured its 10 millionth vehicle in Alliston. Jean Marc Leclerc, President & CEO, said it was a great accomplishment for Honda and for Canada manufacturing. “The economic impact of having achieved 10 million vehicles built here is really the ripple effect of the economy in Simcoe County, Alliston and Ontario. With every job that is here, there is a ripple effect of eight or nine times on the supplier base” Leclerc said, adding that while 10 million vehicles produced at the Alliston plant is a great milestone, he is looking forward to 20 million.

MPP Saunderson presented a certificate on behalf of Premier Ford, the Ontario Government and residents of Simcoe Grey in recognition of Honda Canada manufacturing its 10 millionth vehicle in Alliston.
Left-to-right: Yoshiyuki Nakazawa, EVP Honda Canada Alliston, Simcoe-Grey MPP Brian Saunderson, Jean Marc Leclerc, President & CEO, Honda Canada Alliston

In 1986, Honda of Canada Mfg. (HCM) began production with the assembly of the Honda Accord, leading the way as the first Japanese automobile manufacturer to establish a production facility in Canada. In 1998 the Honda Civic achieved #1 car sales in Canada. In 2020, CH auto sales hit 5 million units. The Alliston Honda plant employs more than 4,000 associates and is very active in the community, proudly supporting the Gibson Centre, Stevenson Memorial Hospital, Matthew’s House Hospice, Georgian College, local schools and many charities throughout South Simcoe and surrounding communities. In addition, more than 6 million Canadians have benefited from the Honda Canada Foundation.

In attendance to meet with MPP Saunderson were Shinya Yamanaka, VP, Aaron Virtue, Manager, Planning Department, Yoshiyuki Nakazawa, EVP, Jean Marc Leclerc, President & CEO, Hanif Nori, Manager, Government & Environmental Affairs, and Mat Ward, VP.

Jean Marc Leclerc, President & CEO, Honda Canada Alliston

Aaron Virtue, Manager, Planning Department, took MPP Saunderson on a tour of the Alliston Honda plant.

“With the contributions and efforts of all associates, HCM has been recognized with many industry awards and accolades over the years. Award-winning vehicles built daily by an award-winning team!”
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