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Collingwood’s Cenotaph Turns 100 Years Old

The Collingwood Cenotaph is 100 years old. On August 5th, 100 years ago, the Cenotaph was unveiled with a wreath-laying ceremony at what was then, Collingwood’s busy train station. Collingwood citizens and soldiers returning from overseas were in attendance. A special ceremony was held on Saturday August 5th, 100 years later, to honour the 100th anniversary.

Early morning on August 5th, 2023, the 100th Birthday for Collingwood’s Bugle Boy
Sunrise, on the 100th Anniversary of the dedication of Collingwood’s Cenotaph
Simcoe-Grey MPP Brian Saunderson at the Collingwood Cenotaph – November 11, 2022

2007 Restoration of the Collingwood Cenotaph

Years later, In 2007, the Collingwood Cenotaph was restored and rededicated at a well attended ceremony on the same site as the original dedication on August 5th,1923.

Over the past century, this has been a place to gather, to remember, and to pay respects to the brave men and women who fought for our freedom and built the great town of Collingwood.

To our veterans of today and yesterday, thank you.

Cenotaph 2007 Restoration/Rededication Ceremony

WWII Veterans J.K (John) Richards and Chic Simonato unveil the restored bugler and cenotaph at the 2007 rededication ceremony.
Chic Simonato and John Richards shake hands following the unveiling and rededication ceremony
100 years later, the bugler stands on duty at the Collingwood Cenotaph