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Collingwood Santa Claus Parade

The Christmas Holiday Season is officially underway in Collingwood. The Town of Collingwood held its annual Santa Claus Parade followed by a downtown tree lighting ceremony on Saturday November 19th. It has become a popular tradition to hold the parade and festivities in the evening. Thousands of people lined the downtown streets this year to watch the parade. Organizers think the 2022 crowds may have been the biggest ever. It was chilly, and the streets were lined with snowbanks thanks to the snow events south Georgian Bay has been experiencing this week. Nature’s contribution only added to the festive spirit that was alive and well in downtown Collingwood on this night.

Photos from the Collingwood Parade

Santa Claus paid a visit to downtown Collingwood on Saturday November 19th
Santa’s horsepower for the Collingwood parade!
The CCI Marching Band has been a proud part of parades locally, nationally and internationally for generations