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Blue Mountains Public Library

I was pleased to meet with Chief Executive Officer Dr. Sabrina Saunders from The Blue Mountains Public Library in The Blue Mountains on Wednesday March 15th. We had a tour of the facility along with a great discussion about the many services, events & programs offered to the community. Dr. Saunders talked about how public libraries have become the province’s farthest-reaching, most cost-effective public resource and community hubs.

In the Blue Mountains, the L.E. Shore Public Library provides job training programs, small business support programs, music events, frontline access and support for digital government services through Service Ontario, affordable, high-quality children’s programs and community and residence-based seniors programming … all in a beautiful, relaxing setting.

The art gallery inside the L.E. Shore presently displays an exhibit full of colour and pizzazz! It runs until March 29 and features the work of Barbara Simmons, Dee Hutton, Jennifer Keskikyla and Pauline Jennett.

Blue Mountains Public Library Chief Executive Officer Dr. Sabrina Saunders with Simcoe-Grey MPP Brian Saunderson

The library is filled with natural light and open spaces to sit and relax

There are dedicated areas for children including computer workstations.

MPP Saunderson was a member of the Canadian National Rowing Team and competed at two Olympic Games, and three World Championships, winning a silver medal in 1990 as a member of the Men’s Eight. He quickly found his way to Jennifer Kesikyla’s exibit “3 Paddles with Driftwood Hanger.”

For more information about events, programs, services and special shows CLICK HERE to visit the web site for the Blue Mountains Public Library.