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Attainable Housing Discussion Continues

Simcoe-Grey MPP Brian Saunderson and Professional Public Policy Advisor Trent Gow got together recently to launch the new Point2Point Podcast on MPP Saunderson’s social media platforms.  In the inaugural post Saunderson and Gow discussed the all-important issue of Attainable Housing, Bill 23, and ways for government and developers to work together to build more homes faster. MPP Saunderson made it clear that this issue is top priority. 

Gow opened the discussion by stating that it is generally accepted in Canada that the term ‘attainable housing’ is housing that is described as being adequate in condition, appropriate in size, affordable, accessible to common services, available in a range of housing types and either owned and rented. Gow said the more these pieces are deficient the greater the attainable housing challenge becomes. He handed off to MPP Saunderson, asking if Ontario does in fact have an attainable housing crisis. 

Simcoe-Grey MPP Brian Saunderson was quick to answer.  

“Thanks Trent, that is a great question and I think the short answer is, absolutely yes.” 

Saunderson went on to say that he believes the attainable housing crisis is more acute than most people appreciate as the situation has been building over the past number of decades. 

“In Ontario last year we had 100,000 housing starts, and that is the highest number since 1989. and that’s not enough. As you know this government has made a commitment to build 1.5 million new homes in the next ten years” Saunderson stated. 

MPP Saunderson referenced a past national newspaper news article that stated across Canada last year there were 200 thousand housing starts. He said CMHC has said that if the trend of creating 200 thousand new homes per year continues the country will be underhoused by 3.5 million homes by 2030. 

Incredible pressures are building on first-time home buyers because of increasing inflation.  

“It’s not achievable now. It’s far less achievable than it was two years ago and certainly when I got into the housing market thirty years ago, I would not be able to get into the market now.”  

Gow looked to the importance of a collaborative approach by all stakeholders in speeding up the process of solving attainable housing issues throughout Simcoe-Grey. 

“My own experience in government is that only by working together can you get things done, but you need to set priorities. You have set housing as a priority and the way you have set it out explains that some other organizations rather than perhaps protecting exclusively or too much their own turf, if they can be a part of that collaboration then I think we are going to come up with something that will be an excellent solution. So, from my own personal view I applaud your government for the steps you are taking.” 

Listen to the Point2Point Podcast with Trent Gow and Brian Saunderson to learn more.