2023 Proposed Print Layouts

Newspaper: Here is a proposed, more traditional print layout, detailing some of the services using the same text that is displayed on the website. “Let’s Work Together” certainly welcomes people to contact the office of their choice with telephone numbers displayed on the ad. The web address appears across the bottom of the advertisement. This layout would also appear on our monthly e-newsletters, social media and on the website. Below, a sample page from the Creemore Echo with Brian’s print ad placed in the bottom right slot.

Newspaper – Promote MPP Brian Saunderson, our new slogan, web site and office locations. This layout is more of an “image” piece, promoting Brian, the two offices and web address. This could also serve as a “Tall Block” digital ad on CollingwoodToday.ca as it is important that we carry whatever we are doing into all media platforms.

Sample advertisement by Simcoe-Grey MP Terry Dowdall – Here is an actual advertisement placed in the Creemore Echo in January 2023 by MP Terry Dowdall for comparison.

Proposed CollingwoodToday.ca ads

320 by 100 Page Botom
Inline Big Box 300 by 250
Super Box 320 by 320

Regular monthly promotion:

First week of the month: PODCAST recording, placement on website, sent out on twitter and promoted on both LinkedIN and Facebook on more than one occasion.

Last week of the month: Digital email blast on MailChimp with a more detailed version on the website. Promoted on LinkedIN, Facebook and Twitter on more than one occasion.

Daily: Web site and social media updates of business/event visits and meetings at Queen’s Park.

Podcast Issue: A second podcast (Point2Point) with Trent Gow and Brian Saunderson will appear throughout the year, 4 to 5 times, providing an opportunity for MPP Saunderson to focus on one specific issue that it grabbing headlines.

Video Reports/Stories: As required and often planned. Two to four per month for display on the website, twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN.

Radio Campaigns: As required. General Promotion of the MPP and web site, Christmas Greeting, New Year’s Greeting, Remembrance Day Message, etc.

Print Newsletter: 2 times per year.

Christmas Card: To be ready by mid-October at the latest.